Future Flight

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

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Bizarro is brought to you today The Future!

Welcome to 2014, Jazz Pickles, and welcome to the future. Yes, it is here. No matter where you live on this tiny blue planet, in front of your place of residence right now is a flying car, which I have had placed there for each and every one of my Jazz Pickles at great expense to myself. That’s just how much I care.

If you have trouble identifying it (they look just like regular cars, which is cool) here’s how you can tell: I have equipped each of these cars with a security device calibrated to your voice. All you need do is stand at the driver’s side window and say in a loud, firm voice, “Fly!” This will open the door and start the engine. Just do that to every car you see within a one-block radius of your home and you’ll find it. Happy flying, JPs! See you in the sky!Bizarro 04-04-10 ChildrenWEB


BIZARRO BASEMENT: In my archive section at the bottom of this post is a lovely two-frame Sunday cartoon from 2010, in which our hero, Rick, is starting fresh for the new year. He does not, however, have the convenience and benefits of a flying car, so he is to be pitied.

Wishing all of you a fantastic year of grooviness and delight. Stay tangy, Jazz Pickles.