Snuffy Smif an’ Duck Dynasty!

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

Snuffy Smith DD

It is no secret to those that know me that, along with millions of people all around the world, Duck Dynasty is one of my favorite shows on television. Not only do the cast members make me laugh, but I believe in the importance of many of the same things they do–faith, family and the outdoors. Earlier this year, I featured four of the Duck Dynasty cast members in my strip (see above). Even though there’s only one TV in Hootin’ Holler, I figured Duck Dynasty is definitely a show that Snuffy an’ th’ gang would gather around and watch faithfully every Wednesday night! As you can imagine, it was bodaciously fun for me to create!
Thanks to fans of newspapers, websites and social media, that comic strip has become one of the most popular Snuffy Smith strips that I created this year. I was honored when I heard through their management company that the Robertson family saw the strip when it ran and loved being featured alongside Snuffy an’ all the hillbilly characters! They said that, like me, the Robertsons had grown up reading Snuffy Smith and that being in the strip made them feel like a part of history! Wow–how cool is that?! That made me so happy, happy, happy that I packed up the original art of the strip and sent it to them. I thought that, of everyone, they would truly get the most joy from that piece of art.
I know they are especially busy, busy busy right now, so I really didn’t really know if I’d hear back from them anytime soon. Not much time had passed since I mailed it, so imagine my surprise when I opened our mailbox today to find a package addressed to me from Duck Commander! With much excitement, my daughters and I opened the package to find a copy of Phil’s book, “Happy, Happy, Happy” which was signed by the Robertsons! And enclosed inside the book was a wonderful Duck Dynasty Christmas card with cartoon-style drawings of the cast and a handwritten note from Korie and Willie! I was very honored and flattered that, in addition to everything they have going on right now, they took time out of their schedule to send me something so thoughtful and wonderful! In my opinion, it shows what wonderful, truly quality people all the Robertsons really are. I remain a big fan of the show and an even bigger fan of the family!