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We hope you are enjoying viewing your comics on our new site. We’re thrilled to share that we will not only be providing your daily laughs on, but starting this week, we will also be providing a robust blog schedule for subjects and royals alike to enjoy. Look for…

Monday’s Editor’s Dispatch

This will be an open forum for commentary from the Editorial Department. They will be talking about and with some of our cartoonists, as well as sharing news about what is going on here at King Features.  We would love to know what you would like to hear about; while we cannot promise we’ll be able to cover every topic, we are always open to ideas! Leave your suggestions in the comments below.

Tuesday’s Top Ten

Every Tuesday we will post 10 comics on a certain topic. To get you in the holiday spirit, this week’s topic will be gift-giving and holiday-shopping themed—look for it tomorrow!

Wednesday’s Ask a Cartoonist

Each week, we will email a question to some of our cartoonists (i.e. “When did you first know you wanted to draw for a living?”) and post a few of the responses. What would you like to ask the King Features cartoonists? Leave your answer in the comments below, and you might see your question answered in a future post!

Thursday’s Ask the Archivist

Our longest-running blog series is moving to #throwbackthursday, naturally.

Friday’s News from Around the Kingdom & Archery Tournament Winners

Just in time for #followfriday, we will show you what our savvy cartoonists are doing on their blogs around the Cartoonist Network. We will also announce the winners of our weekly Archery Tournament – more details to come on how you can enter in this Friday’s post!

We can’t wait to get started! Check back in tomorrow for our Tuesday Top Ten.