December 8th, 2013

Peter’s Price

by Wayno & Piraro

bz panel 12-06-13bz strip 12-06-13bz panel 12-07-13bz strip 12-07-13Bizarro is brought to you today by Boy Toy.

Good Saturday to you, Jazz Pickles. As I write today from Bizarro International Headquarters in Los Angeles, it is raining and unreasonably cold outside, about 52 degrees F. I may have to move south for a few days until this unbearable weather goes back to the Arctic from which it came.

Until then, however, I will attempt to amuse you with silly drawings.

My joke from yesterday about the price of Manhattans is funnier if you know who Peter Minuit is. I’m not going to insult you by explaining it, since you’re already on a computer and so is Google. As a fairly recent resident of NYC, I can tell you the price alluded to in this cartoon is not far off.






Today’s cartoon, about the lovely man whose identity was stolen and returned comes to us from my clever and handsome, known associate, Wayno of Pittsburgh. He speaks as eloquently as a medieval poetry professor at Cambridge about this cartoon beneath these blue words.  He worries that this cartoon is “cruel” because it makes fun of the way the man looks, as opposed to something more substantial. He has a good point but I believe that the fact that he is entirely fictional and contains no actual feelings, we will be able to avoid prosecution on these grounds. But then, I’m known to be a cruel asshole––just ask any of my ex-wives. Read Wayno’s post and race back here for the rest of my amusement attempt, below.







OLD BIZNESS: Here’s a very old Sunday cartoon from the last century that some might also construe as cruel. But since it’s not a real cat, I’m voting no. To fully appreciate the gag, you may want to click on the image and blow it up real good.

Kids: The characters in this cartoon were drawn by a trained professional. DO NOT attempt to throw cats at castles.bizarro 01-18-98 catapult WEB




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