December 6th, 2013

Two Much Fun

by Wayno & Piraro

bz panel 12-05-13Bizarro is brought to you today by Future Shoe Technology.

I’ve been very lackadaisical (notice that this word’s spelling does not support the pronunciation LAX-adaisical) lately and I think it is the weather. It’s been cold, dark, and dreary here in SoCal this week. Of course, by local standards, that means highs in the mid 60s, lows in the low 50s (Fahrenheit) and slightly overcast. It is truly amazing how quickly one becomes spoiled by beautiful weather. I’ve been here two years and within three months, I became a complete Southern California Sissy. Anything less than 70 degrees Fahrenheit and sunny and I go into hibernation mode and deduct a little from my state taxes. I’m not paying California taxes to NOT have great weather.

On to today’s cartoon, are you familiar with these 3D printers? They are the latest form of actual magic from the  world of technology. Considering the feats of amazingness that those technology people keep coming up with, it is a wonder there isn’t a huge worldwide religion based on it. (Just as an FYI to my Jazz Pickles, this is not one, in spite of the name.)

Bz 12-27-04 BuckRogersWEBBIZARROLD: This little snobbler from 2004 seems like an appropriate choice for this post about modern technology. This one deals with one way in which “those technology people” have failed us, however. Just when I’m ready to start a religion, they let me down.




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