Green Love

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

bz panel 11-23-13bz strip 11-23-13Bizarro is brought to you today by Is That A Good Thing?

A very quirky friend of mine who always has a few new oddball puns for me when we get together suggested this scenario. I thought it would make a good picture so I drew it up. Thanks, Edwin! My one fear, however, is that this cartoon would be a little difficult to decipher in the tiny, black-and-white format that most newspapers use. It’ll be interesting to see how many questions I get about it.

Edwin also suggested what the wedding night might look like but I can’t share that here because I’m trying to keep this blog family friendly. (Oops. Too late.)

By the way, for those of you not in North America who may be unfamiliar with this character, it’s the Jolly Green Giant‘s wedding. I see now that I neglected to include his giant, green slippers. Damn!

I’ve been hanging onto this idea for a few months because I really hate drawing big church scenes. The background and crowd is tedious to draw while not being large enough to offer any kind of interesting characters or details. It’s just busy work. See how lazy I am?

PREHISTARROS: As your brain may have already noticed, this cartoon from 1996 has nothing to do with the Jolly Green Giant. I came across it in my archives and thought it was fun so I figured I’d toss it in today. The character, Lee, was a friend of mine who passed away unexpectedly a few years back. We miss him. The squirrel is fictional.bz 09-02-96 Squirrel