Halloween In Hootin’ Holler!!

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

Halloween has always been a BIG holiday to celebrate in my family! When our daughters were young, my wife and I joined in and we all dressed up together as a family. Now that our children are older, my wife and I continue to dress in costume when we hand out candy. This year, we plan to be Willie and Si Robertson from Duck Dynasty fame. Somehow, I think those will be popular costumes this year! In 2002, we chose to dress in Hootin’ Holler style! Our younger daughter was Snuffy, our older daughter was Loweezy, my wife was Elviney and I was Lukey. It was fun to bring the characters on my drawing board to life that year! Happy Halloween to all our readers!

I hope you enjoy these old pictures from that particular Halloween…

Lukey, Elviney and Snuffy Lukey, Elviney and Snuffy (above), Loweezy and Elviney at th’ gossip fence (middle) and Lukey, Snuffy, Loweezy and Elviney (below).Fence