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Our “Mandrake the Magician” Celebration Continues! Fan Poll #6!

By ComicsKingdom Admin

Last week we ran a poll to decide the DailyINK community’s choice for “Favorite Mandrake Sunday Storyline.” We’re excited to announce that the winner with over 60% of the vote was The Flame Pearls!


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Today, in our Mandrake Fan Poll #6, we turn our attention to some of MANDRAKE THE MAGICIAN’s foreign publication covers. When most of the world’s entertainment came from reading, comic books were everywhere, and comic strip characters were a huge part of it. Mandrake was no exception. In the Archivist’s travels, he has found the great magician showing up at newsstands around the world. So today we present a poll of some of the foreign publication covers the Archivist has collected. We also encourage you to write in any other foreign publication covers you loved in the comments below.

Buenos Aires, 1954:

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(EDITORIAL ABRIL Buenos Aires 1954)This title shows Mandrake encountering one of the “Rollies” from the 1952 story,”Doorway to Z”

 Santiago, 1966:

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(EDITORIAL LORD COCHRAN Santiago 1966)Mandrake in a Chilean version of the King Comics # 6.

Sydney, about 1965:

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(GORDON & GOTCH Sydney Ca. 1965)

 London, about 1960:

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(L. MILLER & SON, London Ca. 1960)

 Bombay, 1982:

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(INDRAJAL COMICS Bombay 1982) The language is Tamil.The story is the Rat Men (1980-1).

Rome, 1962:

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(EDIZIONE FRATELLI SPADA Rome, 1962) The scene is from Medusa (1946)

 Rome, 1972:

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(EDITORIAL FRATELLI SPADA Rome 1972) The Italians had a long running Mandrake title.

Which of these “Mandrake the Magician” publication covers is your favorite? Vote right here:

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We’ll announce the DailyINK community’s choice for “Favorite Foreign Publication Cover” in a blog post next Monday.  And be sure to check back often for more Mandrake polls, special historical posts, and other fun surprises. And don’t forget to follow along on the DailyINK Facebook page  and Twitter page as well.