Another Contest – Facebook & Twitter

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

We had so much fun with the comments contest that we are announcing ANOTHER contest. (See below for another winner drawing that was shipped off last week – if you are still waiting for your art, please be patient – it IS coming) –

This time the prize will be a copy of the book “The Edison Files: Notes From The Lab” and to win all you need to do is either share the strip on Facebook or Twitter (or both – the more you share, the better your chances).

Every time you share the strip we will put your name in a hat – the more you share, the more copies of  your name in the hat. We will have one hat for Twitter and one hat for Facebook. At the end of two weeks we will draw a name out of each hat and 2 lucky winners will receive personalized, signed copies of the book.

HOW TO SHARE TO BE ELIGIBLE – THIS IS IMPORTANT! The only way we can track your sharing is if you share posts WE have already put up on Facebook and Twitter.

So – for Facebook – starting with the strip for 10/20/13 – go to the Edison Lee Facebook page – find the posted strip for that day, and hit “share” (you can also hit “like” while you’re at it). As soon as you do this we will know that you shared the strip and can add your name. IF YOU SHARE DIRECTLY FROM THE WEBSITE WE WILL HAVE NO WAY OF TRACKING IT.

For twitter – first start following @EdisonLeeComics on twitter. All you have to do after that is retweet the strips we post onto the Edison twitter feed.

If the contest goes well, we will extend it for another two weeks and 2 more people will have a chance to win.

The important thing about Facebook and Twitter are that they send readers to this website. Other versions of the strip that you can find on the web do not. This is why we are restricting the contest to these two platforms.

On your mark, get set, share!!!!

Edison contest art 3