In a city that doesn’t sleep.

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

I always love visiting NYC.  Definitely one of my favorite places, especially when it’s to have lunch with my editor and the rest of the King Features brass. 


This trip started out great as I got to shack up with one of my best friends, Larry,  and his girlfriend, Stacie.  Larry and Stacie always treat me like royalty.  From never letting me buy my food or beers to mapping out my train stops, and even purchasing the tickets.  I did give Larry one of my breath mints though…but i think he’s still up on me.

Day two was my early commute into Manhattan with my friends.  Larry is a graphic designer in Manhattan and Stacie works for Showtime.  They head to work and I stroll into Central Park…which is my favorite part of NYC.IMG_20131016_094521

I took a few pictures but they didn’t turn out too well as I was worried I would spill my coffee.  But it was a nice coolish/warm fall day so I strolled around for a couple of hours before heading to Kings offices in the Hearst tower.  There, my editor, Brendan Burford introduced me to all of the wonderful people on the 15th floor.  After the rounds, Brendan and I headed out to meet the rest of the gang for our lunch.

Lunch was amazing.  The food and the atmosphere is absolutely awesome at The Palm (King Features “go to” lunch spot.)   


And once you walk in you can see why. The walls are covered in original hand drawn cartoons from cartoonists as far back as the 1930’s.

But what may have been the most exciting part of this trip is the news that they shared with me, which I will be unveiling very soon.

So stay tooned!