Comment Contest Winner Week 6

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

This week’s winner again comes to us from Arcamax:


“Box of Skittles? No DVD collection of 50’s-60’s Rockstar performances?”  RedSamRackham

Congratulations to RedSamRackham – email me at [email protected] with your mailing address and which character you’d like, who to sign the drawing to, etc.

This comment has given me the opportunity to riff on one of my pet peeves with PBS. I watch a LOT of PBS shows. The station has much of my all-time favorite programming, especially when it comes to science. Why is it then that, when they want me to open my wallet during pledge week, they promptly throw all my favorite shows out the window and show a week of Yanni at the Acropolis and motivational speakers? Taking away my favorite shows and replacing them with stuff that I not only never watch but that PBS doesn’t program the rest of the time?! This practice stymies me. I can only assume it works for them on some level.

I’m guessing because those are the weeks I abandon PBS for Netflix…..

Only two weeks left to go in the contest folks – keep up the good work!