Comment Winner for Week Five

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

This week’s winner comes to us from Arcamax – congratulations to Shep4u!



“Mrs. Planck never thought he was that constant.”

That cracked me up – when I think about doing jokes for the science community I seldom tap into the old Henny Youngman vibe. (Today’s assignment for readers: look up Planck’s Constant and Henny Youngman.)

So Shep4u (would love to know what that user name stands for) email me at [email protected] to claim your drawing of an Edison Character. Here is link to a sample of a winning drawing and here is a list of characters to refresh your memory:

Edison (inventor, entrepreneur, pundit, mad genius…..)

Orville ( twinkie consuming grandfather)

Don (underemployed father)

Carol (long suffering mother)

Joules (noble rat assistant)

Harley (noble continuously taken advantage of cousin)

Crazy hair neighbor lady (as seen in the strip for 8/4)

Senator Ottoman (the name pretty much sums up his effectiveness)

Rogue Wheat or any other character from a story arc you may have enjoyed.