Better Half

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

bz panel 08-30-13magicianbz strip 08-30-13magicianThis Bizarro is brought to you by Dating Don’ts.

Have you ever wondered what would happen if a magician died in the middle of his act, just after sawing a lovely lady in two but before he puts her back together again? I have spent a lot of time wondering about this and several things have occurred to me:

1) Her bottom half would die because it no longer has a heart. What would the gravestone for someone’s hips and legs read?

2) What would happen to liquid and solid waste? Would it just fall out the bottom of her? Gross.

3) She would save a lot on gynecological exams.


I’m sure there’s some info on the Intertubes about this somewhere but I’m too busy battling deadlines to look it up. Please share if you know anyone who this has happened to.


bz print 08-01-03 INVISIBLEgumPREZARROS: I couldn’t come up with an old magician gag right quick like so I chose this one about the invisible man. Invisibility is sort of a magic trick.