A Good Buzz

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

bz panel 08-26-13bz strip 08-26-13Bizarro is brought to you today by Obvious Questions.

I am fortunate to have a small backyard where I am currently living and at any given moment during the day, one can see multiple hummingbirds floating around the flora. If one comes close enough, which happens now and then if I’m sitting back there working quietly on my laptop or passed out drunk on the bench, you can hear the fairly mighty noise that their wings create. They sound like little WWII fighter jets when they zoom by. Extrapolating that noise/size ratio to the man in this cartoon would make him sound like a giant floor fan from the 1950s on high speed. He would likely have to shout this punch line to be heard over his wings. Just a little glimpse into the inner world of cartooning for my precious Jazz Pickles.






BIZOMBIES: bz 06-02-04 MACROWAVE I couldn’t find another Bizarro cartoon about hummingbirds, so 0ur archival cartoon for today is from 2004 and also deals with people who drink a LOT of coffee. I gave up drinking caffeine daily quite a few years ago in favor of Yerba Mate, which is a kind of tea that has a natural stimulant that isn’t as strong and hasn’t been tied to prostate cancer, as excessive caffeine has. The good thing is that when I need to be really buzzed for a comedy show or pitch meeting or something, I drink a half cup of coffee and I’m as jacked as the guy by the elevator in today’s cartoon.