August 24th, 2013

Gimme Gimme

by Wayno & Piraro

bz panel 08-23-13Bizarro is brought to you today by Nirvana.

I love this gag but I am aware that many readers may have only a vague idea of what it means. “Mindfulness” is a method of meditating and living in which the person is acutely aware of where they are and what they are doing at each and every moment. It tends to keep one very calm, philosophical, and in the end, happy. No worries about the past or future, just a realization that now is all that really exists. Given that, this cartoon is hilarious in my humble opinion. bz strip 08-23-13

This is another one of those gags that I had lying around for months because I didn’t want to tackle the task of drawing it. I sometimes thoroughly enjoy a complicated drawing, but those tend to be the ones that have unique or challenging visuals. This one is full of elements that I’ve done a million times and a bunch of characters who look pretty much alike, so it wasn’t particularly amusing to draw. But the result is a good gag, I think.




BYGONE BIZARRO: Here’s an old one from 1996 that I still really love. Simple but meaningful, just like zen. I’m not a Buddhist, by the way, but I do enjoy both transcendental and mindfulness meditation. They are terrific exercises for the brain and the strange things that you may experience are parts of brain function that most of us never experience.

Before you solve the “Where’s Waldo?” puzzle below, be sure to time yourself then find out how you rank on the chart below.

0 to 1 second: Average

2 to 4 seconds: You probably had something stuck in your eye

5 to 10 seconds: You know what Waldo looks like, right?

10 seconds to 5 minutes: Do not leave your home without a guardian

Still can’t find him: Just keep trying, he’s there. Click the image for a larger view, maybe that will help. He has a red striped shirt. Best to leave sharp objects to others and just sit quietly somewhere out of the way.





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