Contest Winner For Week Three

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

This week’s winner is Michael Pohrer for his comment on the strip that ran on Wednesday August 14.


“But wait, if you order now we will also include the amazing Cable Cranium Mullet crafted from the finest copper wire. Amaze your friends with a shimmering copper coiffe that can also be used as an all purpose kitchen scrubber. Eradicate baked on skillet stains, and afterwards dress up your head with a manly mane. Order your Amazing Cable Cranium Mullet now!” – Michael Pohrer

I get a lot of inspiration for strips from the crappy commercials that air on late night TV – or as we call it at my house “inking time”. So it was nice to see a comment by someone else who appreciates the finer points of hucksterism.

Keep the great comments coming – the contest runs for 5 more weeks and then we’re done offering that great art!

Michael, email me your contact info (use the little mailbox over there in the sidebar or the address [email protected]) and let me know which character you’d like. Here’s a list to refresh your memory:

Edison (inventor, entrepreneur, pundit, mad genius…..)

Orville ( twinkie consuming grandfather)

Don (underemployed father)

Carol (long suffering mother)

Joules (noble rat assistant)

Harley (noble continuously taken advantage of cousin)

Crazy hair neighbor lady (as seen in the strip for 8/4)

Senator Ottoman (the name pretty much sums up his effectiveness)

Rogue Wheat or any other character from a story arc you may have enjoyed.