By Jeremy Meltingtallow

bz panel 08-17-13bz strip 08-17-13Bizarro is brought to you today by Lunch.

Wars of worlds are so dramatic, what with the laser beams and the annihilation of entire cities and the melting of people and whatnot, that spats of worlds get very little press. I decided to change all of that with this cartoon. And before you ask, yes, my little Bizarro Alien who floats around my cartoons is from the same planet as the alien featured here, but they are of different species.

CORRECTION: Regarding the new rotating name system for my archival section of these posts, I made a grievous error when reporting the names of the people who submitted the names that received the most votes. Like the utter dumbass I can often be, I reported that the second most popular name, “Pickled Jazz” was submitted by Jason S.  In truth it was the work of one “Dave in Asheville”. Thanks, sorry, and congrats to Dave! And now, on to the section sometimes called Pickled Jazz, but today is called…

bz panel 08-29-05 alien




BIZARRO BASEMENT: Today’s chuckle from the past was published in 2005, just after NASA’s Herschel Space Observatory made a pass by heaven and found that it was not being run by magical white people, but green aliens with big eyes and tiny necks. Who knew?