Probing Question

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

bz panel 08-07-13bz strip 08-07-13Bizarro am brang to you today by Dangerous Fruit.

My daughter, Krelspeth and her man (my boyfriend-in-law), Klarf, are visiting me this week in L.A. so I’m a bit behind on blog postings. I hope this has not caused any of my six readers undue anxiety.

We’ve had a fun week together and have not experienced a single alien probing, unlike our unfortunate farmer man in this cartoon. He is lucky, however, that he is about to be probed by the iProd 5, which is much slimmer and more comfortable than previous models. Of course, the old charger won’t work on it because it has a different size port, which is annoying.








CLASSICS CORNER: From the dank dungeon of my archives comes this cartoon from 2008 about aliens and Bigfoot. If I may be so immodest, I’d like to say that I still love this gag. You might notice in this cartoon is the original Bizarro Bunny of Exuberance, which evolved into its current look not long after this cartoon was published.bizarro 10-05-08 Bigfoot Alien WEB