The Road Trip – Week Five

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

The 1966 vacation story ended with this final week of daily strips.  By far the longest continuing series that has ever been done in the fifty-nine year run of Hi and Lois, the sequence included thirty daily strips and four Sunday pages and spanned over a month.

Aug 8 Aug 11Dik Browne showcased one of his most spectacular scenes in the first strip of this week.  The line work in the sunset, clouds, hills, trees and lake is particularly impressive.  It is also worth noting that the first three strips are presented in a single-panel, panoramic format and the last three, when the family returns home, are multi-paneled.

The final image shows Hi returning to his normal routine and is wordless.  It is a fitting conclusion to this epic story.

We hope you have enjoyed this trip back in time to revisit one of the classic chapters in the history of Hi and Lois.

– Brian Walker