Weekend in Bugrump

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

bz panel 08-01-13Bizarro is brought to you today by I Gave Him $5 For The Laugh.

This was one of those cartoons that required a little extra work to convert from panel to strip. As I’ve mentioned here before, I draw the vertical panel first, then use the elements to create the horizontal strip version. This often requires some extra drawing. Since this gag is very vertical in its original form, I had to move the airline displays down quite a bit and enlarge them so they could be read. This changed the angle that the pig’s head needed to point so I had to flop and reattach it. Then, of course, there’s the matter of the extra drawings needed to fill the blank spaces at the left and right. Montel Williams was nice enough to step in as the character at right.

bz strip 08-01-13One obvious inconsistency in this cartoon is that the information on the screen tells “where,” and has nothing to do with “when,” as promised by the punch line. I didn’t have room for gates and times and all that so I just made it simple. Most folks will never notice and who cares if they do? One of the nicest things about being a cartoonist for a living is that I don’t have to be accurate all of the time.Bz 05-25-09 airline


KLASSICS KORNER: Don’t you hate it when people use “K” instead of “C” in advertising and such in an attempt to make something cute? Man, I sure do.

This elderly cartoon from ’09 is about one of my favorite pet peeves. I once checked in for a flight with two bags, one that weighed 45 lbs and one that weighed 52 lbs. The representative said I could pay the $25 fee for a bag over 50 lbs, or just put a couple things from one bag to the other. She was serious. My head exploded and ruined her uniform with brain bits and blood stains. Served her right.