No Fly List

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

Bizarro 07-21-13 WEB










(To see a more enormouser version of this cartoon, click eye # 8435 on the fly in pink.)

Bizarro is brought to you today by Big Kiss.

This is a fairly soft gag about the lifespan of common houseflies but I used it as a Sunday panel so I could really get into drawing the bugs. I’m a big fan of insects, which don’t scare me or creep me out unless I suspect them of being dangerous. Outside of that, I think they’re the coolest things on earth.  Also worth noting in this cartoon is the maggot-covered Bizarro Bunny on the wall poster––also really fun to draw.

I spent a couple of months in Costa Rica a few years ago living in an open-air cabin in the jungle, and every single day one or more huge insects I’d never seen before would appear in the cabin somewhere. I took lots of pics. Usually it was a beetle- or grasshopper- or moth-type bug so I knew they weren’t dangerous. In fact, the only insects I feared in Costa Rica were the mosquitoes, some of which carry a flesh-eating virus. I’m not exactly sure what happens if you get this virus, but if it makes you want to eat flesh, it’s disgusting. They should call it a zombie virus.

Below is the header panel that appeared with this cartoon in some newspapers and a version of what they’d look like together in your Sunday Punnies. As I’ve mentioned before, most newspapers don’t use these header panels, but I create them for the ones that do. This one is unusually simple compared to what I usually create for these.

Bizarro 07-21-13 hedrBizarro w title 07-21-13 WEB