Comedy Show For You

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

My good buddy and colleague, Michael Capozzola, is doing a stand-up comedy show in Berkeley, California next week AND IT IS FREE! My recommendation is to go see it and tell him you found out about it because you are a Jazz Pickle.

i Ink alone poster

Headed to Comic Con and want to start things off a few days early?

Bay Area cartoonist and comedian Michael Capozzola brings his unique comic book comedy to the Berkeley Public Library!

A contributor to Ted Talks, McSweeney’s and Mad Magazine, Capozzola has also appeared in a batch of TV commercials that you’ve probably shut off.

In his new multimedia comedy show “I Ink Alone,” you’ll meet a water-skiing Dark Night, a Vegan Spock, a pervy Iron Man, and Indiana Jones will give you politically incorrect direction on how to sling your messenger bag.

For more info, check out the FaceBook link: https://www.facebook.com/events/605095949515129/?ref=22