Worst Picnic EVER

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

Bizarro 07-07-13 WEB(For an embiggened view of this cartoon, click on the ant’s acidopore.)

Bizarro is brang to you today by I Only See Two.

Here’s a dandy collaboration between my known associate, Wayno of Pittsburgh. To understand this gag, you must be familiar with 1950s sci-fi movies about the effects of radiation. One of them was called “Them” and it was terrifying if you’re afraid of large, mechanical ants.

For you younger readers who have no idea why this kind of thing was scary back then, this film was released during the infancy of the nuclear age and everyone was lived in fear of “The Bomb.” Hollywood decided to play on that fear by insinuating that nuclear testing could mutate creatures into giant monsters, hungry for human flesh. Especially that of attractive young lovers on a lonely road at night, of course. They’re always the most delicious.

Here’s Wayno’s fascinatingly detailed account of this collaboration and other things of interest to Jazz Pickles of all types.