By Jeremy Meltingtallow

bz panel 06-25-13bz strip 06-25-13Bizarro is brought to you today by The Hangman.

This post is not about religion, but I wish it were. I got so many great comments on yesterday’s cartoon. Thanks to all.

Back to this cartoon: can you imagine killing people for a living? Or, for that matter, can you imagine working in a slaughterhouse where you kill things all day, every day? It can’t be fun or healthy to live that way.

I killed a few things when I was a kid, hunting and fishing with my dad. I’m not proud of it but I didn’t know any better and the time I spent with my dad was fairly rare and extremely important to me at the time. And it was my father’s code that you always eat anything you kill. What’s done is done.

I’d never do it now, though, unless it was a matter of survival. But given my current position in life and on the globe, it is fairly unlikely that will ever happen. I can’t imagine finding myself stranded somewhere with no edible vegetation, a weapon, and animals I was capable of killing. Even if I managed to kill something, I’d have to figure out how to build a fire since humans are not evolutionarily equipped to eat raw meat safely and gnawing on a raw, dead animal would be enormously disgusting. (Nature’s way of telling us it isn’t our optimum food choice.) Rubbing sticks together works great in animated cartoons but in real life, it’s a damned poor way to make a fire you can cook on. I wasn’t raised with those skills, so you might as well ask me to levitate a boulder, which I can’t do without Photoshop.