The Lemonade Stand

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

When I was growing up I never once set up a lemonade stand in front of my house. I was either too lazy, or the thought just never crossed my mind. I honestly don’t remember. My own children, on the other hand, were regular lemonade-stand entrepreneurs. They kept at it all summer long because, in our neighborhood, there were lots of cyclists who were always looking for an excuse to stop to rest for a minute. And, it didn’t hurt that we had the type of neighbors who would buy one glass and tip the kids $5. This happened often. It wasn’t unusual for them to haul in $20 or more for a few hours work. Eventually they got  bored selling only lemonade and branched out into little cups of Chex mix, cut flowers, even drawings and sculptures. For several years the kids even set up an art fair on the front lawn, and invited kids and adults from all over the neighborhood to buy and sell art.

I like when Edison decides to open his lemonade stand because I never know what crazy marketing strategy he’s going to try next. These latest strips show just how far he’ll go to maximize profits. Unfortunately, this series is all too true.