Father’s Day-a-palooza

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

Hey, Jazz Pickles,

Since Father’s Day is this weekend and you’ve forgotten or put off getting pop a present, here’s a terrific idea that has THREE definite benefits over most other gifts:

1. It’s cheap and he won’t know it.

2. You can get it to him by Father’s Day without ever leaving your chair.

3. You will make me happy.

The gift is a year’s subscription to Daily Ink, which is an online service that sends you any number of the cartoons carried by King Features in your email each and every day. You can choose which of their mofozillians of cartoons you want sent, edit your list anytime you like, and you’ll have access to the archives of all of their features. It’s around $20 a year and that’s dirt cheap. Just try to get quality dirt delivered to your house every day for a year for less than 20 bucks. Good luck!

It happens here, JPs. Click it now and thank me later!Dan and Dad 1976 WEB