The Complexity of Qualifiers

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

Image I want therefore I need

So…do you want the back-story on this week’s series about women feeling the need to justify having/doing/enjoying the extra little niceties in life? (June 10 through 15th, 2013) Seriously?  You need a back-story here?

I don’t recall what was happening in my life to prompt this series but it’s a pretty good bet I was not a happy camper at the time.  Actually, I’m pretty sure I was in a MOOD.  Tell me YOU’VE never felt like that.

Let’s try a little test.  Choose one of the following statements that best describes the way you think:

(a)  I’m going for a mani-pedi because I’ve had the worst week at work and I need to de-stress.

(b)  I’m going for a mani-pedi because I’ve been running around for the kids like a madwoman and it’s time I did something for ME.

(c)  I’m going for a mani-pedi because “if mama ain’t happy, ain’t NOBODY happy”.

Did you choose?  Okay…now whether you chose a, b or c…do you see a problem?

The problem is the word “because”.  Why do we need that word?  Why can’t we just say, “I’m going for a mani-pedi.”   Do you see what I’m saying?

Anyway, I’m taking the day off tomorrow to go to Toronto and have dinner with some friends.  Just me.  And I’m not going to feel the least bit guilty about it because I deserve it and it will do me good to get out of the house.