May 30th, 2013

Reuben Awards Weekend, 2013

by Terri Libenson

Well, it wasn’t pretty, but many cartoonists descended on Pittsburgh this Memorial Day weekend for the National Cartoonist Society’s Reuben Awards weekend. That town didn’t know what hit it. Throngs of us flooded the streets during Sunday’s Comic Arts Festival (sponsored by the Toonseum). You couldn’t toss a stick without hitting a cartoonist. By the way, thank you, Pittsburgh, for not tossing sticks at me.

This was a particularly special Reubens weekend for me. On Friday, I was honored to present in front of my friends and peers. Here I am with a strategically-placed mic obscuring my eyes. Someone must have known I’d want to shamefully hide after reciting a few off-color greeting cards. DSCN4692 I had an even better time right afterward, talking to friends. Here I am with Jef and Patty Mallett. DSCN4705 Another fun shot with John Hambrock, Chris Sparks, Rick Kirkman (who co-won with Brian Crane for “Cartoonist of the Year”) and Jef Mallett. DSCN4706 I also had a great time doodling “Jill” with my left hand…and then right-handed. Quite a brain-muddling exercise. The Jill on the right reads, “You are so messed up.” IMG_20130524_164240_074 That evening, we toured an exhibit of past Reuben winners’ art at the Toonseum. Here I am, studying an Al Capp original. IMG_20130524_181326_490 I got to do some up-close and personal star-gazing at the exhibit. Here I am with the lovely Jean Schulz.IMG_20130524_185221_972 And a few friends: Me, Mark Parisi, and Vicky Smart Gransee. IMG_20130524_185726_590 With Mike Lynch, cartoonist and native fellow Clevelander. IMG_20130524_184502_580 And a nice one with my hubby/editor/business manager, Mike. IMG_20130524_184446_535 Later came the welcome cocktail party. Here’s a terribly washed-out photo of me and NCS prez,Tom Richmond. Yes, his shoulders are THAT broad.IMG_20130524_214705_185 Saturday night, we had a wonderful time at the awards banquet. Here’s a pic of semi-awake Mike and myself during cocktail hour. I had more photos from the evening, but they were pretty dark and blurry. Always happens. IMG_20130525_235707_342 A few character drawings we did that weekend: some, I believe, for the Toonseum, and one for the NCS sister organization in London. IMG_20130525_181439_658 IMG_20130525_181522_082 IMG_20130525_181539_772 Sunday was the Pittsburgh Comic Arts Festival. I was part of a “Women in Cartooning” panel with true greats: Lynn Johnston, Cathy Guisewite, Hilary Price (moderator), and Jen Sorensen. The two latter women had won Reuben awards the night before — score for the ladies. Here are a few shots during the panel. DSCN4722 DSCN4731   DSCN4743 DSCN4751   DSCN4761   DSCN4767 Here, the others are amused at my comic strip…or they’re very good at pretending to be. DSCN4763 After Cathy Guisewite crumpled up a drawing during the panel talk, I collected it and she signed it for me: CathyDrawing Afterward, we all signed books and tear sheets. IMG_20130526_145044_028 All in all, a thrilling, eventful time. Between this jam-packed weekend and my daughter’s Bat Mitzvah the previous weekend, I think I’ve earned the right to relax. Or at least park my fanny in front of the drawing table again.




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