May 8th, 2013

My First Official Blog Post

by Sandra Bell-Lundy

Hello there.  Thanks for stopping by.  Do you have your coffee?  Good.  Then let’s get started…and don’t worry, this won’t take long.

I read an article in the Globe and Mail yesterday by Garth Scully, Vice President of Mid Market and Small Business, Cisco, Canada.  He was offering advice regarding new-age media.  (Think: this blog)  He suggested five things needed for success:  a consistent experience, a coherent voice, compelling content, a two-way conversation and continual improvement.

I thought this advice was quite timely considering this blog launches today.

So, let’s have a go, shall we?

First of all – “a consistent experience”.  Well, I suppose Monday to Friday blog posts would be consistent but frankly, there just ain’t no way that’s gonna happen.  I’m thinking Mondays would be good though.  Or maybe Tuesdays just in case I run into trouble on Mondays.  What do you say?  Shall we meet for coffee on Mondays and/or Tuesdays?  Good.  It’s a date then.  I think that’s reasonable for a “consistent experience” to start.  (and we can always re-evaluate, right?)

Number two – “a coherent voice”.  I’m guessing that means a personal, identifiable voice, don’t you?  Well, I’m a 55 year old woman cartoonist writing about 50-something women’s lives.  What do you think?  Coherent enough?

Number three – “compelling content”.  Scroll up. DAILY comics.  I think number three’s covered.

Number four – “a two-way conversation”.  Well, I can’t do EVERYTHING.  Part of this is going to be up to you.

Number five – “continual improvement”.  Yeah, well…. I just got this dang thing up.  (Actually, the wonderful Tea from King Features Syndicate did most of the heavy lifting but I threw in my two cents too.)  Let’s just enjoy what’s here for a while before we start moving furniture around, okay?

So then…coffee?  Monday?  See you then. 🙂




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