An Easter Story

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

Over the years, Easter Sunday has presented an ideal opportunity to do special holiday-themed Hi and Lois Sunday pages.  Our readers come from many different religious backgrounds, so it is exclusionary to focus on the Christian traditions of Easter.  Although we occasionally make references to God in the strip, we try not to be too specific about the religious beliefs of the Flagston family.  Most of the Easter strips we do deal with bunnies, baskets, eggs and chocolate.

Sometimes, we struggle to come up with new variations on annual events like Easter and Christmas.  Eleven years ago, I decided to have Ditto invent his own mythology for the holiday.  Children have such fertile imaginations and often come up with creative explanations for things they don’t fully understand.

Here is the Hi and Lois Sunday page for Easter 2002.

Chance did a great job illustrating Ditto’s science-fiction fantasy.  It is always a treat for me to see how he graphically interprets my ideas.

Bill Watterson brilliantly explored similar themes of childhood imagination in Calvin and Hobbes and Richard Thompson’s lead character, Alice Otterloop, did some very believable stream-of-consciousness musings in Cul de Sac.  The work of these talented cartoonists continues to inspire me.

We hope you enjoy this special Hi and Lois Sunday page from the recent past and have a great Easter!

– Brian Walker