Get your shopping done here

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

Hey everyone,

As your holiday shopping list gets longer, and your time to complete it gets shorter, here are some great, easy suggestions for the comic fans in your life:

Comic Prints

Do you have a favorite Pajama Diaries strip? Maybe a “Glossary of Terms,” a song parody, or anything that just reminds you of someone? A gallery-quality framed print of a favorite strip makes a meaningful gift. Click the “buy a print” button under the comic of your choice to start the quick process of purchasing, or click here.

Comic Originals

Can we say “authentic?” I’ll be happy to sign and date an original black-and-white strip (and even provide a personalized message). Email me for pricing and info: [email protected]

DailyINK Subscription

DailyINK is the all-inclusive, online subscription service for the true comics fan. Every single day online and on iPhone or iPad, members get unlimited access to 90+ comic strips (including this one, of course), panels, editorial cartoons and vintage classics not available anywhere else. Plus, they can get all their favorite selections by email each day.

This all-digital gift idea has no shipping wait (last minute, anyone?) and it’s under 20 dollars for a full year’s subscription. Click here to purchase a DailyINK gift subscription.

Happy Holidays!