Bucket Drunk Alien Bats

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

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I got a few emails about this cartoon from people who did not understand it. At least one admitted to not knowing what the word “reverb” means, so maybe that’s it. Reverb is the echo you hear on song recordings sometimes, so the lady is supposedly wearing a bucket on her head because she likes the echo it provides. Not a very good answer, as noted by the good doctor.


Next up is a dandy idea by my known colleague, Wayno of Pittsburgh. It’s based on the Dos Equis commercial spokesman, “The Most Interesting Man in the World.” I’ve actually gotten a chuckle out a few of these commercials and do not hate TMIMITW, as many do, but it still makes a great cartoon. Well done, Wayno. Look here to see what W of P has to say about it.



This cartoon was inspired by the ten years I spent in NYC. Many of the cab drivers there are aliens, as you’ve heard, but not just the kind from other countries. Some are actually extraterrestrials. Times are hard on other planets, too, apparently.





Our last offering of the day is about cats and bats. I love bats and wish I had an occupied bat house in my yard. But not in my house. This idea was in collaboration with Victor The Boy Genius. He’s been on a roll this summer but now that he’s back in hillbilly college, he’ll likely be submitting fewer ideas to me. Sigh. They grow up so fast.



Do you need this book? Yes.

Do you need this image on a shirt? Certainly.