Help Tall Tale Radio on Indiegogo!

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

My good friend Tom Racine who hosts the most excellent Tall Tale Radio podcast is trying to raise enough money to get a new laptop via a pledge drive through Indiegogo.  

From Tom:

Tall Tale Radio, a podcast that, since 2008, has interviewed nearly 200 cartoonists, artists, animators, musicians, and writers, needs your help!  I’m trying to raise money to get a new laptop, some recording equipment upgrades, and hopefully defray some travel costs to the Cons I cover.

I hope if you’ve enjoyed my show that you can pitch in and help me reach my goal of $3500 to cover these expenses. Take a look at the cool incentives…there’s one-of-a-kind original art, amazing signed compilations, CDs of edisodes, all sorts of fun stuff to make it worth your while!

I have a great fanbase, and I hope you’ll spread the word so that I can continue bringing you quality interviews with the artists you love and admire!

There are lots of cool perks at the various donation amounts, but at the high end are original artwork by yours truly, as well as the very talented cartoonists, Brian Anderson (Dog Eat Doug)John Hambrock (The Brilliant Mind of Edison Lee), and Jonathan Lemon (Rabbits Against Magic).

Tom has helped me and a lot of other cartoonists spread the word about their work through his podcasts, so I hope some of you will throw a few coins his way!