Editor’s Dispatch: BLEEKER & National Robotics Week

By Brendan Burford

This week’s BLEEKER is really fun. Jonathan Mahood takes his characters to a National Robotics Week event – the usual mayhem ensues. What’s that you ask? Why take the BLEEKER cast to a National Robotics Week event? Glad you asked. It so happens that Jonathan’s robot dog, Bleeker is the official spokes character of National Robotics Week. And what better character for the job, right?

There’s quick interview with Jonathan over at the King Features site – he talks a little bit about the National Robotics Week thing, and he entertains the results of a dance-off between Bleeker and My Keepon.

If you haven’t already seen today’s strip, take a look. And if you don’t already follow BLEEKER, you should. Seriously – add it to your DailyINK queue!