March 12th, 2012

Editor’s Dispatch: Women’s History Month

by Brendan

March is Women’s History Month, and I figured I’d honor that fact with a little nod to all of our women cartoonists here at King Features. To be honest, it feels a little strange to single them out as “women” cartoonists as opposed to simply “cartoonists.” I’ve actually had this conversation with many of the women we represent, and a common thought seems to be that they would rather be considered special because of the quality of their work, not necessarily the novelty of being a woman in a predominantly male profession.

Certainly gender comes into play when you consider the sensibilities a woman might bring to a particular joke or scenario in a comic strip – but no more than any other distinguishing trait a person might have. For example, I think you’ll find that where a person comes from (the city, the country, etc.) can have as much of an impact on the sensibilities of a comic strip. In my book, they’re all cartoonists, regardless of gender, race, origin – and they’re all pretty great at what they do, doing it their own unique way.

With all of that said, I do believe it’s important to have a diverse set of voices on the comics pages, and at King Features, we are very proud to represent so many female cartoonists – the comics are a better medium because of all of them. Well, without further ado, here’s a complete alphabetical list of all of the women cartoonists King Features represents, along with links to their comics. Go check them out!

Isabella Bannerman – SIX CHIX (Mondays)

Sandra Bell-Lundy – BETWEEN FRIENDS

Benita Epstein – SIX CHIX (Fridays)

Anne Gibbons – SIX CHIX (Thursdays)

Alex Hallatt – ARCTIC CIRCLE

Bunny Hoest – LOCKHORNS (writer)

Patty LaBan – EDGE CITY (co-writer)

Terri Libenson – PAJAMA DIARIES

Susie MacNelly – SHOE (co-writer)

Karen Moy – MARY WORTH (writer)

Rina Piccolo – SIX CHIX (Wednesdays), TINA’S GROOVE

Stephanie Piro – SIX CHIX (Saturdays)


Margaret Shulock – APARTMENT 3G (writer), SIX CHIX (Tuesdays)




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