She-Devil He-Devil Afro Tux

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

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Have you ever dated Samantha? I certainly have. I may have even married her once or twice, but that’s another story. Dating is difficult under the best of circumstances but for heterosexuals it is even more challenging because we are compelled to do it with someone of a different sex. Few things make less sense to men than women, and I would guess that many women feel the reverse is true, too. But isn’t that the beauty of human love? No, sometimes it is not.

Enough of the whining, let’s discuss the devil’s trip to the hospital. One reader wrote to me this week asking me what this cartoon meant. If you are that reader, then you already know the answer because I responded promptly and politely, which is my habit. If you are not that reader and have wondered for yourself what this cartoon means, wonder no more for the next sentence will explain it. The devil likes bad things to happen to people so if someone came through surgery quite well, he would be disappointed by the “good” news.  If you are now wondering if I actually believe in the devil since I draw so many cartoons featuring him, the answer is yes, he is Karl Rove.

“What is an ‘afrog,” Dan?” I now hear someone asking. An “afrog” is a hairstyle like the one featured in the cartoon at left, as worn by a frog. When it is worn by a human, it is called an “afro,” which is short for “African” or something, since people of African descent popularized the look. I am of Sicilian descent, have naturally curly hair and wore an afro in high school. I am particularly fond of this hairstyle and wish it would come into style with frogs and back into vogue with humans. The seeds for this gag were donated to me by Victor Rivera, a young hillbilly boy in North Carolina. Too bad he will never see it because literacy has not yet reached as far up into the Appalachians as he lives.

Our final cartoon today shows the double meaning that punctuation can sometimes have. “Party’s” can mean either the possessive of “party,” or it can be a contraction of “party is.” That second use is not completely kosher, but the character in this cartoon is not Jewish and does not care.

That’s all for today’s cartoon-0-rama-explanathon. I hope you found it both amusing and educating and will check back in a couple of days when I sober up and post some more cartoons.

Stay crunchy, kosher, and spicy, Jazz Pickles.