Will Franken Friday Night!

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

The most original and intelligent comedy performer in America (that I know of) is performing Friday night at The Purple Onion in San Francisco. If you’re smart (and we all know how much you like to think you are) you’ll be there with your face pointed at the stage. I don’t recommend a lot of entertainment for my Jazz Pickles, but this guy is a sure thing. His material is amazing, his performance is jaw-dropping, and his tickets are cheap. What more do you want? (The correct answer here is “nothing more, thanks.”)

Go see Will perform and thank me later. Go to this link and click the video on the right for a small sample of the kind of rapturous strangeness you’re in for. And without even asking Will, I can assure you that all of the material you see on Friday will be new. The guy is more prolific than any living homo sapiens and well over 99% of the dead ones.