Achoo, Baby!

By Jeremy Meltingtallow


Enlargination of this cartoon can be achieved with a click of the forklift.

Bizarro is brought to you today by Deep Needlepoint.

Good morning (or afternoon or evening) Bizarro Jazz Pickles (or first-time or occasional reader [jazz cucumber?] who is not yet ready to commit to the vinegar), happy Super Bowl Sunday (or random Sunday if you are not in the U.S. or care anything about sports.) I hope you are having as nice a day as I am. How nice is my day? I don’t know how to explain it. What gauge shall we use? On a scale of one to ten where one is a day in which you are trapped in a wooden box at the bottom of the ocean with no fresh water to drink, and ten being a day the government declares you are immune from all taxes for the rest of your life and gives you $25 million dollars to get started, I’d say I’m having a five. How about you?

Do you get this cartoon? If not, it may be because you have never had pepper in your nose and do not know that it makes most people sneeze. Or it could be that you do not know what a mill is. Or perhaps you do not read English and have no idea what “achoo” means, or you are blind and this cartoon does not come in a braille version, or that you are a non-human animal and do not understand the ways of homo sapiens. (Or, in my case, hetero sapiens.)

But I hope that you do get it and you find it amusing. This ditty is another collaboration between myself and my “known associate,” Wayno. The words he uses to discuss this cartoon can be found under these blue words, after he posts them.

Your day could get better if you bought some Bizarro Merchandise or Bizarro books. I know mine would be improved if you did.

Stay crunchy, my friends.