Editor’s Dispatch: Vintage

By Brendan Burford

Are you reading any of the vintage material on DailyINK? In my queue, I have today’s BEETLE BAILEY followed by the vintage BEETLE, and I love seeing the contrast. We’re running a bunch of 1955 BEETLE strips right now – that’s over 50 years(!) between today’s strip and that vintage one. Incredible. And our good pal, Mort Walker remains at the helm.

What other vintage material are you looking at on DailyINK? How about those LITTLE KING Sundays by Otto Soglow? I kinda wish we had the color versions of these, but the files are taken from our old black & white proof archives. How about the BUZ SAWYER stuff? I should mention that Roy Crane is one of my all-time favorite cartoonists – this current run of BUZ is awesome. Does anyone draw guys getting punched-out better? And have you checked out JACKY’S DIARY by Jack Mendelsohn? It’s totally ahead of its time and bizarrely fun. Same lament about the lack of color, but they are truly great comics.

Keep an eye out for more vintage selections in the coming months – it will continue to be an ever-changing rotation of great old stuff.