Editor’s Dispatch: Piers Baker’s OLLIE & QUENTIN Fly Away

By Brendan Burford

Piers Baker’s OLLIE & QUENTIN has been one of my personal faves the past few years, and I’m sad to report that as of January 1st, 2012, King Features will no longer syndicate new installments of the wonderful strip. The time had simply come for Piers to seek new opportunities for himself and for his creations.

This isn’t necessarily all somber news – Piers tells me that he wants to look for new ways to bring OLLIE & QUENTIN to the world. He’s just not going to do the intense work of creating it every single day. And lucky you, reader friend, we will continue to run the past four years of the strip right here on DailyINK! Beginning Monday, January 2nd, we will post the very first OLLIE & QUENTIN strip (which originally ran on January 7th, 2008), and roll out the entire run from that point on. It will be fun to revisit those first strips.

A personal note: I’d like to mention again that I really do enjoy OLLIE & QUENTIN, and I am extremely fond of Piers Baker – I have greatly enjoyed working with him these past few years. OLLIE & QUENTIN is my kind of comic strip. It’s beautiful and funny and subtle and quirky. The world is so charmingly realized, and so elegantly presented. The refinement of it all makes the zaniness that much more rewarding – there’s a wonderful dichotomy to the gentle look and feel combined with the unapologetic humor that I just love. Piers is a special cartoonist – more people should know that, and dive into his world and enjoy some stellar comics. Please join me in congratulating Piers on four fine years of syndication with King Features!