I Can Speak Good!

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

Being a world-famous, award-winning, tall, incredibly handsome, genius cartoonist with bulging biceps and minty-fresh breath has its benefits. One of them is that I get asked to do performances and speeches in front of awesome people who laugh at me.

If you’d like me to speak to your group, contact my speaking manager guy, whose contact info appears below in plain English.

Dan Savage

West Coast Director at Greater Talent Network Tel # is 818 358 2626

I can do anything from a straight talk about my wacky life as a cartoonist, to an all-out stand-up comedy show with projections of my cartoons, or any mix thereof. You and your people  will laugh and laugh and go home happy. Unless they have a fight in the car on the way home, which has happened to me a few times. Don’t get me started.

A few of the places I’ve spoken or performed:Caroline’s Comedy Club, NYC…Gotham Comedy Club, NYC…Comics, NYC…New York International Fringe Festival (winner of “Best Solo Show” award)…Humane Society of the United States…National Cartoonists Society annual awards show…Some big food expo in Los Angeles whose name I can’t remember…The Purple Onion and Punch Line in San Francisco…Philbrook Arts Center, Tulsa…Nightingale Theater, Tulsa…Tulsa Elks Club…Other comedy clubs in lots of other cities…A couple of big fundraiser galas in NYC…Someplace in Stockholm, Sweden…some other places, too.

My material can be as adult or family-friendly as you like. Just tell me ahead of time. Seriously, it can get uncomfortable otherwise.