October 17th, 2011

Comedy in the Computer Age

by Wayno & Piraro

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Bizarro is brought to you today by The Garden of Eden.

I’m a Mac guy, as virtually all professional artists are because Apple’s products are the standard in our industry, and so virtually all of my computer-related gags are about Apple products. The only time I’ve ever used a PC is when I check my email at my parent’s house and I always have to get my dad to remind me how to turn it on.

With today’s iProd cartoon, I thought it might be a good time to do a mini-review of some of the Apple gags I’ve done in the past few years. Just in case you missed some or want to email them to your computer geek friends.

This cartoon from last August was something of an inspiration for today’s cartoon, of course. Nothing more to say about it than that.

The iPhone 5 comic below was pretty popular when it was published last year.  I was very sad to hear of Steve Jobs’ death earlier this month. Many commentators compared him to Edison and Ford, but Edison was a thief (read about the life of Nikola Tesla) and Ford was a racist (ask any Jew). I’d rather compare him to Da Vinci.

A couple of the best things about Apple computers is that they don’t crash until they are old and ready to be replaced, and they don’t get viruses. That’s what this cartoon is about, of course. I don’t know much about how computers work other than that they are more than 50% voodoo, so I’m not sure if Macs don’t get viruses because of they way they are designed or because people who design viruses only go after PCs. If you know the answer to this, leave it in the comments section. I’ve always wondered.

This cartoon from ’07 is one of my most popular in recent years. It was a collaboration between myself and a cartoonist friend by the name of Phil Witte. Not surprisingly, a lot of churches contacted me to ask if they could include this cartoon on their web site or in their church bulletin.

People sometimes ask why I use so many religious images in my comics since I am atheist. The answer is simple: cartoons are often about a different “take” on common knowledge or experience, and popular mythology is a rich vein of common knowledge. Plus, these fables were created because they say something about the human condition. What more could you ask for as a jumping-off point for satire?

All of these Bizarro cartoons and thousands more can be found on dandy products of all kinds. Perfect for holiday gifts, come to think of it!




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