Uranus in Your…

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

Bizarro is brought to you today by Freaky Crab Hand.

Why do I find static electricity jokes funny? I think that perhaps it is because when I was in grade school, my dad was in a meeting at work and felt something in the sleeve of his suit jacket, reached in a pulled out a baby sock which he then quickly tucked into a pocket so his colleagues would not see it. I remember him and my mother laughing about this when he got home and it stuck with me. I hope you enjoyed this cute story about my childhood.

Unfortunately, I have no cute stories from my childhood about this “resting on my laurels” cartoon. Yes, my parents used to take us to the Colosseum to see people being eaten by wild animals, but it was anything but cute. In fact, it was gross and you could really warp a child with that kind of experience.

I do have a childhood story about this final cartoon, however. Until she was killed in a skateboarding accident, my Aunt Wynona used to argue with various celestial bodies on a regular basis. She once lost an argument with Uranus, in fact, about the origin of the name of this planet. The planet argued that its name was given to it by German astronomer, Johann Elert Bode, after the Greek god, Ouranos, but Aunt Wynona was certain it had been taken from a text message by the planet’s discoverer, Sir William Herschel, angry because his original name, Georgium Sidus, was not accepted. “U R Anus!,” Aunt Wynona contended he had texted to Bode.

As usual, she was wrong.

And since a handful of you asked me to post more of my sketchbook images and not a single person said, “No more sketchbook images!” I include the following.

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