Reubens Recap– Boston!

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

Getting back into the groove after a week off to attend the National Cartoonists Society’s Reuben Awards in Boston.

The Reubens are the cartooning world’s answer to the Oscars. Each Memorial Day weekend, cartoonists of all stripes from all over the globe gather at a lavish black tie award ceremony, complete with “…the nominees are…” followed by gold sealed envelopes opened to, “…and the winner is…”

The big prize is the Reuben statuette given to the outstanding cartoonist of the year. This year to the great Richard Thompson, creator of the comic strip, “Cul de Sac” which was up for the Best Newspaper Comic Strips division award as well. The statuette and division award plaques were sculpted by cartoonist titan Rube Goldberg, thus, “the Reuben.”

What makes these awards so special is that they, like the Oscars, are voted on by fellow cartoonists.

Drum roll, please…

Steve Kelley and I were shocked to find our boy, “Dustin” won the award for Best Newspaper Comic Strip! So shocked in fact, that you’ll notice Steve is holding his award upside down.

Here are a few more shots from the weekend…

Best Editorial Cartoon nominee Gary Varvel (Indianapolis Star); Best Editorial Cartoon and Book Illustration nominee Mike Lester (Rome News Tribune); and yours truly sip cocktails before the awards banquet.

Reuben Awards Dinner Intermission.

Team “Dustin” takes home the hardware! Me; Brendan Burford, our buddy and brilliant editor at King Features; and, of course, my pal and collaborator, Steve Kelley.

Team “Dustin” with former King Features president, Joe D’Angelo.

Three categories, four editorial cartoonists — celebrating at the invitation-only post award party.

Cartoonists and patrons mingle at the “One Fine Sunday In The Funny Pages” cartoon exhibition and reception at The Boston Center for Adult Education gallery

Cartoonists signed commemorative posters for the cartoon exhibition patrons. Pictured here are Steve, me, and our buddy, Scott Shaw!, of “The Flintstones” and “The Simpsons” fame.

They ran out of commemorative posters, so this young lady… Nah. But I think this is the first time I’ve drawn a cartoon tattoo.

Steve signs his half of “Dustin.” That is one cool looking arm!

This is Copley, the Fairmont Copley Hotel’s lobby dog. She was a real sweetheart.

POW! BIFF! SOCKO! Incoming NCS President, Tom Richmond (MAD Magazine), goes all out for the Sunday night farewell costume party. Tom doesn’t really need the padding, he’s already in Batman-worthy shape…


This is a staged photo, for Daryl Cagle’s wife’s “benefit.” Long story. No. Really. We staged this…

Innocent little me…