By Jeremy Meltingtallow

Bizarro is brought to you today by a Guest Cartoonist.

Welcome to Day 874 (if 874=3) of my week off. My good amigo and colleague, Wayno of Pittsburgh (that’s his full name when jousting at Medieval Times) has taken over Bizarro for me this week so I can have a break. So while he’s slaving away in the cartoon dungeon, I am relaxing on a beach in the South of France. (If “beach in France” means “my couch in Brooklyn,” which actually is at the southern end of my apartment.)

I’m really enjoying my time off except for when I have to go down there to toss him a wet piece of bread every afternoon. The cartoon dungeon is a little depressing: damp, smelly, dark, hilarious. And the clanking of the manacles as Wayno draws is sometimes disturbing during my midday nap. And the Abba music he insists on playing nonstop makes me dance when I’d rather be resting. His barking wasn’t so bad at first because it just sounded like a dog on the next block, but now he’s getting hoarse and it’s starting to creep me out a little.

But aside from the obvious drawbacks, I really appreciate the help this week. For some other examples of Wayno’s fine work, click it like you’d stick it, yo.

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