The Talks, The Class and The Best Sighting Ever

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

Before I get into the best sighting ever, I want to remind you about the talk in Newton this very Wednesday evening at Mayyim Hayyim.

Also, later this month I’ll be speaking and teaching a class at the Charles Schulz Museum in Santa Rosa, CA.  There’s a schedule of events at the end of this post.

The Best Sighting Ever

I woke up this past Sunday, looked out my window and swore at the snow accumulating on my driveway.  This winter I have tended to my driveway’s hygiene more than I have tended to my own– it is smooth?  Clean?  Any bumpy spots?  Many mornings have been spent pushing a snow blower up and down the black top, and this morning was proving itself to be another.

Before even coffee, I donned my full rubber rain suit to go outside.  Hard white snow banks already lined either side of the driveway, so much so that you couldn’t see oncoming traffic when you tried to nose your car out into the street.  The temperature was oddly mild, so the snow was wet and the snow blower was hard to push.    Twenty five sweaty minutes later,  I wheeled the machine back in the garage and headed inside.

I was standing at the sink at the kitchen island when I heard Seltzer, my cat, enter from the back yard through the cat door.   Now that the bitterest part of winter was over, he was starting again to go outside.  He came around to where I was and looked up at me.  Then he  barfed next to my foot.  Then he looked back up at me.  Then he walked casually away.

I reached over for the paper towel and leaned down to pick up the warm mess.  And that’s when I saw it.  There, among the upchucked chicken savory shreds in gravy… was a blade of green grass!  Spring!  Spring was coming!!

Upcoming Events


7 pm:  I will be talking about cartooning and about being Jewish. There will be funny stories and slides. You will also hear Phoebe Potts talk about her graphic novel Good Eggs. She is wicked entertaining. It is at Mayyim Hayyim.


I will be teaching a class in the morning and doing a talk after lunch.

10-11:30 am:  Master class about gag cartooning at the Charles Schulz Museum.   You’ll need to register in advance.

Master Class: No Snoopy, No Lucy, No Linus: Creating and Maintaining a Strip Without Characters

Rhymes with Orange cartoonist Hilary Price will explore the ins-and-outs of gag (joke-a-day) cartooning. The class will cover brainstorming for ideas and tips and tricks of doing a new cartoon every day.

1 pm:  I’ll be doing a talk about cartooning and my creative process.  You don’t have to register for this, just show up at the museum!


Paint & Pixel Festival, Northampton, MA.  Western New England’s finest comic artists, book illustrators and cartoonists!

I’ll be hanging out and selling stuff.


3-5 pm:  Author’s event for The Picknelly Adult and Family Education Center, Holyoke, MA

I’ll be hanging out and selling stuff.