By Jeremy Meltingtallow
We’re fashionably late and embarrassingly under-dressed, but Zits has finally made it to the blog party. Where’s the beer?
We owe enormous thanks for this snazzy website to the folks at King Features, especially Brendan Burford who, if you ever saw the movie Fitcarraldo, seems to have had to haul the entire ship over the mountains in order to get it here on your computer screen for the frivolous enjoyment of the rest of us. Thanks Brendan, and Rocky Shepard, too, of course, without whom there would be no accompanying popcorn,orchestra or fireworks.
We’ll be trying to waste your precious time on a regular basis as we talk about the magic behind the curtain here at Zits World Headquarters. So screw the geometry homework and that third quarter accounts receivable report and keep your eye on what really matters — drawings of a make-believe family with bulbous noses navigating the dangerous straits of teenagerhood together and saying funny things in the process.
-Jim & Jerry