Cartoonists– Not as sexy as firefighters, but we try.

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

If you have a hankering for original art, this is your weekend:

Locally, there’s the art auction this Sunday afternoon in downtown Northampton to raise money for the families who lost everything to the arson fires set this January. If you didn’t already know it, this town is teeming with children’s book illustrators, photographers, painters and the like. (Eric Carle, Mo WIllems- their stuff is there.) I am proud to join them and there’s a framed original strip with a starting bid of $100. All the bids are starting at 25% of their stated value, so this is a great opportunity for your budding collection.

On the national front, big time animators are right in the middle of an e-bay auction to help one of their own with some steep medical bills. There are original drawings of most every animated character you’ve seen in the theater, including the most recent Princess and the The Frog.