Even Better than the Sound of Silence… The Aroma of Absence

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

Here’s the abridged version of the August 2009 Charming-Yet-Infrequent-Newsletter.

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–My extremely talented intern

–The Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival

–The Aroma of Absence


I’m doin’ it.

See artists like Michael Leunig that really struck me. See little amphibians I come across and take pictures of. In the near future, these blog posts will turn into Tweets. I add to the blog once a week, so check it out when you’re procrastinating.

If you’re a Facebook addict, you can spend more time away from a productive workweek by joining the fan page. The tweets post there too.


INTRODUCING…JUANA MEDINA, a.k.a. Intern Extraordinaire!

I landed the best intern in the universe this summer– Juana Medina, cartoonist, graphic designer and RISD student. At this very moment, she is giving the website a spanky new look (coming soon!) and is working on a 360 degree studio tour.

I LOVE her artwork, and you will too.



This Friday I head to The-State-That-Looks-Like-A-Mitten for three days of music and camping at the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival.

From all I’ve heard, it’s Music-Festival-Meets-Burning Man-Meets-Female-Empowerment…I’ll be sure to report back!



Hints from Hiloise…

Let’s say it’s midnight on a humid Thursday summer evening and you’ve just gotten into bed with your golden ticket to Snoozeland… when suddenly you detect a stinging, musky smell wafting up through the window. Seconds pass. You hear the cat door swing open on the first floor and the quick steps of your kitty sprinting up the stairs.

The last thing you remember is your cat leaping onto the quilt toward you–his haven of safety–before being broadsided by the intense rankness of skunk.

Fear not.

What you need is this:

1 qt. of Hydrogen Peroxide

¼ cup of baking soda

1 tsp. of liquid dish soap.

Mix it up in a bowl and lather it on your beloved while chasing him around the locked bathroom. Rinse with tap water while he howls bloody murder at you.

This magical mixture actually breaks up the skunk oils and gets rid of the stink. Kitty will be SKUNK FREE!

You, on the other hand, may be covered with scratches. Hopefully there will be a few drops of hydrogen peroxide left in the bottle for your injuries. All the same, you will bask in the aroma of absence…

(This nugget is from the Texas Agricultural Extension Service Newsletter. They warn that you can’t bottle this mixture because it could explode.)


That’s all the news for this rainy August day. Thanks for reading!