Philly Phans, write your paper! (Plus Evansville correction.)

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

It’s Hilary today, taking over for my quirky maladjusted intern Willameena Von Movingvon while she is on spring break…

It’s been an unnerving day at Rhymes With Orange World Headquarters, as we heard word from upset readers the Philadelphia Inquirer that they stopped running Rhymes With Orange.

So what to do?  It’s simple.  If you read the Inquirer, send the editor an e-mail or give a call. Let your friends know who also like the strip.  Always include your mailing address in your e-mail so they know that you are a real reader of their paper, and only call the main number of the paper so the poor editor doesn’t feel hounded.  (It’s not helpful to write or call in if you are not a reader!)

Editors, like all of us, aim to please.  If enough people write in,  Rhymes With Orange will be back!

Thanks to all the fans who wrote to tell me of this dreadful, but hopefully temporary, mishap.


After MANY confusing reports, it turns out that the Evansville Courier-Press is presently running Rhymes With Orange but will stop soon in April.